Lawrence Mitchell

Welcome to the home page of Mitchell, Nargiso and Company. We are a complete resource for helping to build your business. We provide integrated legal, financial, strategic, marketing advisory and communications services to businesses seeking to make an impact in society while ensuring sustainable profitability. We build social impact into the DNA of companies — into your products, services, workforce, and corporate governance — and tell your story to consumers in a way that adds value. And all of these dimensions of your business work in synergy because we build them that way.

Consulting Services:

  • Legal

We have extensive experience in venture capital law and corporate and financial law. And we know how to get the deal done. We guide you from the beginning to keep your legal affairs simple and compliant.

  • Financial

We know where the money is and help you raise it. We also work to structure your business to attract the right investors – the ones who share your vision.

  • Strategic

We are involved from the business planning stage to build a roadmap that will take you as far as you would like to go.

  • Marketing

We help to develop your market from the moment you approach us. Marketing is integral to everything we do.

  • Mission-Oriented

We understand that you care about our society because we do, too. We help to formulate your mission and keep you on track, while helping to ensure your profitability.

Other Services:

  • Teaching

Our experienced teachers offer day and week-long lectures and seminars designed to stimulate strategic thinking in your workforce in the sustainable capitalism space.

  • Writing

Our award-winning writers can do all of your writing for you, or simply help perfect it. We also provide independent business-writing services.

Our offices are located in New York City and Washington, DC. To learn more about Lawrence Mitchell and his fellow expert consultants, or to ask any further questions, please contact us today.