3 Beneficial Online Platforms for Authors


In today’s digital world, the Internet is a prime spot for authors to promote themselves and their books. There are many online platforms that make it easier for authors to target their readership, develop a following, generate book reviews, and build a name for themselves and their book. Whether you’re a self-published science fiction author or award-winning non-fiction writer like Lawrence Mitchell, make sure you are utilizing the following online platforms:

  1. Amazon Author Central – Amazon.com is a top platform for purchasing books, which makes it essential for every published author to have an Amazon Author Central account. With Amazon Author Central, you can create an Author Page, where readers, book reviewers, media and publishers can learn more about you and your books. Your Author Page can include all of your books, as well as your biography, author photos, bibliographies and even feeds to your blog posts. Someone who is viewing one of your books can simply click on your name to be directed to your Author Page.
  1. NetGallery – NetGallery is a free online service where authors can create buzz about their book and generate reviews even before it’s published. You can upload your book on NetGallery and the media, librarians, booksellers, reviewers and bloggers can read it before it’s published and spread the word about your book. NetGallery can even help you get your book into libraries and bookstores.
  1. Google+ – While it may not have as many users as Facebook, Google+ is a valuable online social platform for authors. With Google+ you can set up Google Authorship, allowing your authorship information to show up in search results with the content you’ve written. Google Authorship will display your headshot and a byline and show how many people have added you to their Google+ circles, which increases your credibility. Another benefit is you can hold author readings through Google+ Hangouts.

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